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Partners of 
Jessica Johnson
Jessica Johnson

Partners of 
Jessica Johnson

Eric Johnson


2 children together

5 Jul 2014

Nick Lachey


married 26 Oct 2002
divorce 30 Jun 2006

Jessica Johnson Bio Details

Full name

Jessica Johnson

Maiden name

Jessica Simpson

Also known as

Jessica Lachey





Date of birth

10 Jul 1980

Birth place

Texas, USA


Singer & Recording Artist

Reality TV Personality


Clothing Manufacturer


Nick and Jessica starred in MTV reality show 'Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, following the marriage. (2003-2005)

Jessica Johnson Siblings

Ashlee Simpson


Singer and Actress
Played Daisy Duke in Dukes Of Hazzard film
Jessica Johnson

Jessica Johnson




10 Jul 1980

Jessica Johnson Partner(s) Other Children

Jessica Johnson Children

Maxwell Johnson

born 2012, age 4 (approx.)
with Eric Johnson

Ace Johnson

born 2013, age 4 (approx.)
with Eric Johnson

Jessica Johnson Family

Jessica Johnson's parents:

Jessica Johnson's father is Joe Simpson Jessica Johnson's mother is Tina Simpson

Jessica Johnson's children:

Jessica Johnson's daughter is Maxwell Johnson Jessica Johnson's son is Ace Johnson

Jessica Johnson's current partners:

Jessica Johnson's husband is Eric Johnson

Jessica Johnson's former partners:

Jessica Johnson's former husband is Nick Lachey

Jessica Johnson's siblings:

Jessica Johnson's sister is Ashlee Simpson

Jessica Johnson's nieces and nephews:

Jessica Johnson's nephew is Bronx Wentz Jessica Johnson's niece is Jagger Snow Ross

Jessica Johnson's in laws:

Jessica Johnson's father in law is Stephen Johnson

Jessica Johnson's former in laws:

Jessica Johnson's former brother in law is Drew Lachey