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Kevin Bacon
Partner of 
Kevin Bacon

Footloose Star
Kevin Bacon

Kevin Norwood Bacon




8 Jul 1958

Kevin Bacon Bio Details

Full name

Kevin Norwood Bacon





Date of birth

8 Jul 1958

Birth place

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA



Golden Globes

2010 - Best TV Actor - Taking Chance

Kevin Bacon Siblings

Michael Bacon


Partners of 
Kevin Bacon

Kyra Sedgwick


2 children together

4 Sep 1988

Kevin Bacon Children

Kevin Bacon Partner(s) Other Children

Travis Bacon

born 1989, age 27
with Kyra Sedgwick

Actor and son of Actor Kevin Bacon

Sosie Bacon

born 1992, age 24
with Kyra Sedgwick

Daughter of Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon Family

Kevin Bacon's parents:

Kevin Bacon's father is Edmund Bacon Kevin Bacon's mother is Ruth Bacon

Kevin Bacon's children:

Kevin Bacon's son is Travis Bacon Kevin Bacon's daughter is Sosie Bacon

Kevin Bacon's current partners:

Kevin Bacon's wife is Kyra Sedgwick

Kevin Bacon's siblings:

Kevin Bacon's brother is Michael Bacon

Kevin Bacon's in laws:

Kevin Bacon's sister in law-by-marriage is Gabriela De La Vega Kevin Bacon's father in law is Henry Dwight Sedgwick V Kevin Bacon's mother in law is Patricia Sedgwick Kevin Bacon's grandfather in law was Robert Sedgwick Kevin Bacon's grandmother in law is Helen Sedgwick Kevin Bacon's brother in law is Rob Sedgwick Kevin Bacon's brother in law is Nikko Sedgwick

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