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Gary Kemp
Partners of 
Gary Kemp

Actor and member of band Spandau Ballet
Gary Kemp

Gary James Kemp




16 Oct 1959

Gary Kemp Bio Details

Full name

Gary James Kemp





Date of birth

16 Oct 1959

Birth place

St Bart's Hospital, Islington, London, England, UK



Singer & Recording Artist

Brit Awards

1984 - Sony Trophy for Technical Excellence

Gary Kemp Siblings

Martin Kemp


Partners of 
Gary Kemp

Lauren Barber


3 children together


Sadie Frost


1 child together

married 7 May 1988
divorce 1997

Patsy Kensit


dated from about 1983
until about 1983

Gary Kemp Children

Gary Kemp Partner(s) Other Children

Finley Kemp

born 1990, age 26
with Sadie Frost

Milo Kemp

born 2004, age 13 (approx.)
with Lauren Barber

Kit Kemp

born 2009, age 8 (approx.)
with Lauren Barber

Rex Kemp

born 2012, age 5 (approx.)
with Lauren Barber

Gary Kemp Family

Gary Kemp's parents:

Gary Kemp's father was Frank Kemp Gary Kemp's mother was Eileen Kemp

Gary Kemp's children:

Gary Kemp's son is Finley Kemp Gary Kemp's son is Milo Kemp Gary Kemp's child is Kit Kemp Gary Kemp's son is Rex Kemp

Gary Kemp's current partners:

Gary Kemp's wife is Lauren Barber

Gary Kemp's former partners:

Gary Kemp's former wife is Sadie Frost Gary Kemp dated Patsy Kensit

Gary Kemp's siblings:

Gary Kemp's brother is Martin Kemp

Gary Kemp's nieces and nephews:

Gary Kemp's niece is Harley Kemp Gary Kemp's nephew is Roman Kemp

Gary Kemp's former in laws:

Gary Kemp's former father in law was David Vaughan Gary Kemp's former half-sister in law is Holly Davidson Gary Kemp's former mother in law is Mary Frost Gary Kemp's former step-father in law is Robert Davidson Gary Kemp's former half-sister in law is Jessica Frost Gary Kemp's former sister in law is Sunshine Vaughan-Frost Gary Kemp's former half-sister in law is Jade Davidson

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