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Tim Wonnacott
Partners of 
Tim Wonnacott

Antiques Expert on TV
Tim Wonnacott

Timothy Wonnacott




6 May 1953

Tim Wonnacott Bio Details

Full name

Timothy Wonnacott





Date of birth

6 May 1953

Birth place

Barnstaple, Devon, UK


Auctioneer (1969)

TV Presenter (1990)


Victoria & Albert Museum, London, England, United Kingdom

West Buckland School, West Buckland, Barnstaple, Devon, England, United Kingdom

Tim Wonnacott Siblings

Paul Wonnacott


Partners of 
Tim Wonnacott

Relationship History

Helen Wonnacott


3 children together

Aug 1983 (ca.)

Professional Partners

Natalie Lowe

Strictly Come Dancing Partner

danced together from 7 Sep 2014
until 19 Oct 2014

Tim Wonnacott Children

Tim Wonnacott Partner(s) Other Children

Ben Wonnacott

born 1986, age 31 (approx.)
with Helen Wonnacott

Alice Wonnacott

born 1988, age 29 (approx.)
with Helen Wonnacott

Fred Wonnacott

born 1991, age 26 (approx.)
with Helen Wonnacott

Tim Wonnacott Family

Tim Wonnacott's parents:

Tim Wonnacott's father was Raymond Wonnacott Tim Wonnacott's mother was Pamela Wonnacott

Tim Wonnacott's children:

Tim Wonnacott's son is Ben Wonnacott Tim Wonnacott's daughter is Alice Wonnacott Tim Wonnacott's son is Fred Wonnacott

Tim Wonnacott's current partners:

Tim Wonnacott's wife is Helen Wonnacott

Tim Wonnacott's siblings:

Tim Wonnacott's brother was Paul Wonnacott

Tim Wonnacott's grandparents:

Tim Wonnacott's grandfather was James Wonnacott

Tim Wonnacott's in laws:

Tim Wonnacott's father in law is Donald Mackay Tim Wonnacott's mother in law is Jean Mackay

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