Tom Hayden Bio Details

Full name

Thomas Emmet Hayden





Date of birth

11 Dec 1939

Birth place

Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Date of death:

24 Oct 2016

Place of death

Santa Monica, Los Angeles County, California, USA


Anti-War Activist

Civil Rights Activist

US Senator




Dondero High School, Royal Oak, Michigan, United States

University of Michigan, Michigan, United States

Activist Activity

In 1961 Hayden was jailed for attempting to desegregate a railway station in Albany, Georgia.  Later, in 1968 he was incarcerated again in Chicago, becoming one of the "Chicago Seven" who were charged with conspiracy to incite violence.  This conviction was later overturned.

Relationship History

Barbara Hayden


1 child together


Jane Fonda


1 child together

married 1973
divorce 1990

Casey Hayden


married 1959
divorce 1961

Tom Hayden Children

Troy Garity


Troy Garity

with Jane Fonda

Liam Hayden


Liam Hayden

adopted with Barbara Hayden

Tom Hayden Family

Tom Hayden's parents:

Tom Hayden's father is Tom Hayden Tom Hayden's mother is Genevieve Hayden

Tom Hayden's children:

Tom Hayden's son is Troy Garity Tom Hayden's adopted son is Liam Hayden

Tom Hayden's current partners:

Tom Hayden's wife was Barbara Hayden

Tom Hayden's former partners:

Tom Hayden's former wife is Jane Fonda Tom Hayden's former wife is Casey Hayden

Tom Hayden's in laws:

Tom Hayden's daughter in law is Simone Bent Garity

Tom Hayden's former in laws:

Tom Hayden's former father in law was Henry Fonda Tom Hayden's former brother in law is Peter Fonda Tom Hayden's former mother in law was Frances Fonda Tom Hayden's former step-mother in law is Shirlee Fonda Tom Hayden's former grandfather in law was William Fonda Tom Hayden's former grandmother in law was Elma Fonda Tom Hayden's former adopted sister in law is Amy Fonda Tom Hayden's former father in law was William Cason Tom Hayden's former mother in law is Eula Cason Tom Hayden's former grandfather in law was Robert Weisiger