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Ronald Cyrus
Partners of 
Ronald Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus

Ronald Ray Cyrus




10 Jul 1935


28 Feb 2006

Ronald Cyrus Bio Details

Full name

Ronald Ray Cyrus





Date of birth

10 Jul 1935

Birth place

Flatwoods, Kentucky, USA

Date of death:

28 Feb 2006

Cause of death

Lung Cancer


Politician Democrat

Singer & Recording Artist

Political Career

In 1975 Ronald was elected a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives for Kentucky, he served a total of 21 years and retired from office in 1996.

Gospel Group

Sang witht he Gospel Group, The Crownsmen Quartet.

Ronald Cyrus Siblings

Olva Cyrus


Mary Laurant


Mollie Sue Hatfield


Sarah Wilson


Nancy McKenzie


Lindsey Cyrus


Charles Cyrus


Partners of 
Ronald Cyrus

Joan Cyrus


1 child together

17 Jul 1970

Ruth Cyrus


2 children together

Ended 1966

Ronald Cyrus Children

Ronald Cyrus Partner(s) Other Children

Kevin Cyrus

born 1959, age 57
with Ruth Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus

born 1961, age 55
with Ruth Cyrus

American Singer Songwriter Achy Breaky Heart

Angela Cyrus

born 1972, age 44
with Joan Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus Family

Ronald Cyrus's parents:

Ronald Cyrus's father was Eldon Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's mother was Verlina Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus's children:

Ronald Cyrus's son is Billy Ray Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's son is Kevin Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's daughter is Angela Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus's former partners:

Ronald Cyrus's former wife was Joan Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's former wife is Ruth Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus's siblings:

Ronald Cyrus's sister is Olva Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's sister is Mary Laurant Ronald Cyrus's sister is Mollie Sue Hatfield Ronald Cyrus's sister is Sarah Wilson Ronald Cyrus's sister is Nancy McKenzie Ronald Cyrus's brother is Lindsey Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's brother is Charles Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus's grandparents:

Ronald Cyrus's grandfather is Martin Hay Ronald Cyrus's grandmother is Mary Jan Hay Ronald Cyrus's grandfather was Joseph Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's grandmother is Sarah Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus's great grandparents:

Ronald Cyrus's great grandfather is John Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus's grandchildren:

Ronald Cyrus's granddaughter is Miley Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's granddaughter is Noah Cyrus Ronald Cyrus's grandson is Christopher Cody Ronald Cyrus's grandson is Braison Cyrus

Ronald Cyrus's former in laws:

Ronald Cyrus's former father in law was Glen Douthat Ronald Cyrus's former mother in law is Bernice Douthat Ronald Cyrus's former daughter in law is Cindy Cyrus