Danny Elfman Bio Details

Full name

Daniel Robert Elfman





Date of birth

29 May 1953

Birth place

Amarillo, Texas, USA


Film Composer (1980)


University High School, California, United States

Elfman on the Silver Screen

Over the years Danny Elfman has composed the music for a great many films, including the Tim Burton films Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, the Batman series of films, Sleepy Hollow and The Nightmare Before Christmas, for which he also provided the singing voice for the main character, Jack Skellington. As well as these, he has also provided the scores for Dick Tracy, Men In Black, Mission Impossible and Good Will Hunting. He also wrote the music for The Simpsons.

Grammy Awards

1990 - Best Instrumental - The Batman Theme

Danny Elfman

American Composer
Wrote The Simpsons Theme
Danny Elfman

Relationship History

Bridget Fonda


1 child together

29 Nov 2003



2 children together

marriage before 29 Nov 2003
divorce before 29 Nov 2003

Danny Elfman Children

Mali Elfman


Mali Elfman

with Unknown

Lola Elfman


Lola Elfman

with Unknown

Oliver Elfman


Oliver Elfman

with Bridget Fonda

Danny Elfman Siblings

Richard Elfman


Danny Elfman Family

Danny Elfman's parents:

Danny Elfman's mother is Blossom Elfman

Danny Elfman's children:

Danny Elfman's daughter is Mali Elfman Danny Elfman's daughter is Lola Elfman Danny Elfman's son is Oliver Elfman

Danny Elfman's current partners:

Danny Elfman's wife is Bridget Fonda

Danny Elfman's siblings:

Danny Elfman's brother is Richard Elfman

Danny Elfman's in laws:

Danny Elfman's grandfather in law was Henry Fonda Danny Elfman's wife Bridget Fonda's aunt in law is Jane Fonda Danny Elfman's father in law is Peter Fonda Danny Elfman's mother in law is Susan Fonda Danny Elfman's step-mother in law is Shirlee Fonda Danny Elfman's step-mother in law is Portia Fonda Danny Elfman's grandmother in law was Frances Fonda Danny Elfman's brother in law is Justin Fonda

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Grammy Award Winners 1990 - The 32nd


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