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Swizz Beatz
Partners of 
Swizz Beatz

Music Rapper
Swizz Beatz

Kasseem David Dean


39 (approx.)



Swizz Beatz Bio Details

Full name

Kasseem David Dean




39 (approx.)

Date of birth



Music Producer

Grammy Awards

2011 - Best Rap Group Performance - On To The Next One

Partners of 
Swizz Beatz

Alicia Keys


2 children together

31 Jul 2010

Mashonda Tifrere


1 child together

married 2004
divorce May 2010

Swizz Beatz Children

Swizz Beatz Partner(s) Other Children

Kaseem Dean Jr

born 2006, age 11 (approx.)
with Mashonda Tifrere

The Stepson of Singer-Songwriter Alicia Keys

Egypt Dean

born 2010, age 6 (approx.)
with Alicia Keys

Genesis Ali Dean

born 2014, age 2
with Alicia Keys

Swizz Beatz Family

Swizz Beatz's children:

Swizz Beatz's son is Kaseem Dean Jr Swizz Beatz's son is Egypt Dean Swizz Beatz's son is Genesis Ali Dean

Swizz Beatz's current partners:

Swizz Beatz's wife is Alicia Keys

Swizz Beatz's former partners:

Swizz Beatz's former wife is Mashonda Tifrere

Swizz Beatz's in laws:

Swizz Beatz's father in law is Craig Cook Swizz Beatz's mother in law is Terri Augello

Swizz Beatz FameChain Links

Grammy Award Winners 2011 - The 53rd


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