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Partner of 
Dolores Johnson
Dolores Johnson

Partners of 
Dolores Johnson

Lawson Harris


1 child together

Dolores Johnson Bio Details

Full name

Dolores Johnson






Dolores Johnson

Dolores Johnson


Dolores Johnson Partner(s) Other Children

Dolores Johnson Children

John Derek

born 1926, died 1998, age 71
with Lawson Harris

Dolores Johnson Family

Dolores Johnson's children:

Dolores Johnson's son was John Derek

Dolores Johnson's grandchildren:

Dolores Johnson's grandson is Russell Derek Dolores Johnson's granddaughter is Sean Derek

Dolores Johnson's in laws:

Dolores Johnson's daughter in law is Bo Derek

Dolores Johnson's former in laws:

Dolores Johnson's former daughter in law is Linda Evans Dolores Johnson's former daughter in law is Ursula Andress Dolores Johnson's former daughter in law was Pati Behrs