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Vittorio Gassman
Partners of 
Vittorio Gassman

Vittorio Gassman

Vittorio Gassman




1 Sep 1922


29 Jun 2000

Vittorio Gassman Bio Details

Full name

Vittorio Gassman

Also known as

Vittorio Gassmann

Knight Grand Cross Vittorio Gassman

OMRI Vittorio Gassman





Date of birth

1 Sep 1922

Birth place

Genoa, Liguria, Italy

Date of death:

29 Jun 2000

Place of death

Rome, Italy



Partners of 
Vittorio Gassman

Diletta D'Andrea


1 child together

1972 - 2000

Annette Stroyberg


relationship began about 1962
until about 1964

Shelley Winters


1 child together

married 28 Apr 1952
divorce 2 Jun 1954

Nora Ricci


1 child together

married 12 Apr 1944
divorce before 28 Apr 1952

Juliette Mayniel


1 child together

Vittorio Gassman Children

Vittorio Gassman Partner(s) Other Children

Paola Gassman

born 1945, age 71
with Nora Ricci

Vittoria Gassman

born 1953, age 63
with Shelley Winters

Alessandro Gassman

born 1965, age 51
with Juliette Mayniel

Jacopo Gassman

born 1980, age 37 (approx.)
with Diletta D'Andrea

Vittorio Gassman Family

Vittorio Gassman's children:

Vittorio Gassman's daughter is Paola Gassman Vittorio Gassman's daughter is Vittoria Gassman Vittorio Gassman's son is Alessandro Gassman Vittorio Gassman's son is Jacopo Gassman

Vittorio Gassman's current partners:

Vittorio Gassman had a relationship with Juliette Mayniel

Vittorio Gassman's former partners:

Vittorio Gassman's former wife was Shelley Winters Vittorio Gassman's former wife is Diletta D'Andrea Vittorio Gassman had a relationship with Annette Stroyberg Vittorio Gassman's former wife was Nora Ricci

Vittorio Gassman's former in laws:

Vittorio Gassman's former father in law was Jonas Schrift Vittorio Gassman's former mother in law is Rose Schrift