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Partner of 
Hyacinthe Claveau
Hyacinthe Claveau

Partners of 
Hyacinthe Claveau

Charles Bardot


1 child together

Hyacinthe Claveau Bio Details

Full name

Hyacinthe Claveau





Date of birth

9 Nov 1864

Birth place

Iles-de-France, France

Date of death:

12 Aug 1959

Place of death

Cote d'Azur, France

Hyacinthe Claveau

Hyacinthe Claveau




9 Nov 1864


12 Aug 1959

Hyacinthe Claveau Partner(s) Other Children

Hyacinthe Claveau Children

Louis Bardot

born 1896, died 1975, age 79
with Charles Bardot

Hyacinthe Claveau Family

Hyacinthe Claveau's children:

Hyacinthe Claveau's son was Louis Bardot

Hyacinthe Claveau's current partners:

Hyacinthe Claveau's husband was Charles Bardot

Hyacinthe Claveau's grandchildren:

Hyacinthe Claveau's granddaughter is Brigitte Bardot Hyacinthe Claveau's granddaughter is Marie-Jeanne Bardot

Hyacinthe Claveau's great grandchildren:

Hyacinthe Claveau's great grandson is Nicolas-Jacques Charrier   Hyacinthe Claveau's great great granddaughter is Anna-Camilla Charrier Bjerkan Hyacinthe Claveau's great great granddaughter is Thea-Josephine Charrier Bjerkan

Hyacinthe Claveau's former in laws:

Hyacinthe Claveau's former daughter in law was Anne-Marie Bardot