Relationship History

Wayne Bridge


2 children together

19 Jul 2014

Dougie Poynter

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed Apr 2010
until Nov 2010

Professional Partners

Kevin Clifton

Strictly Come Dancing Partner

danced together from 7 Sep 2014
until 20 Dec 2014

Frankie Bridge

Member of British girl group "The Saturdays"
Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge Bio Details

Full name

Francesca Bridge

Maiden name

Francesca Sandford

Also known as

Frankie Sandford





Date of birth

14 Jan 1989

Birth place

Havering, London, England, UK


Singer & Recording Artist (2001)

In May 2012 Frankie opened up about her secret eight year battle with depression.
At the age of 12, Frankie became famous when she joined pop group S Club Juniors 

Frankie Bridge Children

Parker Bridge


Parker Bridge

with Wayne Bridge

Carter Bridge


Carter Bridge

with Wayne Bridge

Jayden Bridge


Jayden Bridge

step-child with Wayne Bridge

Frankie Bridge Siblings

Victoria Sandford


Frankie Bridge Family

Frankie Bridge's parents:

Frankie Bridge's father is Kevin Sandford Frankie Bridge's mother is Viv Sandford

Frankie Bridge's children:

Frankie Bridge's son is Parker Bridge Frankie Bridge's son is Carter Bridge Frankie Bridge's step-son is Jayden Bridge

Frankie Bridge's current partners:

Frankie Bridge's husband is Wayne Bridge

Frankie Bridge's former partners:

Frankie Bridge had an on-off relationship with Dougie Poynter

Frankie Bridge's siblings:

Frankie Bridge's sister is Victoria Sandford

Frankie Bridge's in laws:

Frankie Bridge's father in law is Mick Bridge Frankie Bridge's mother in law is Wendy Bridge

Frankie Bridge FameChain Links

The Saturdays


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