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Anthony Cox
Partners of 
Anthony Cox

Anthony Cox

Anthony Cox


80 (approx.)


Friday 01 Jan 1937

Anthony Cox
Bio Details

Full name

Anthony Cox




80 (approx.)

Date of birth

Friday 01 Jan 1937



A cult follower

Cox spent some time involved with the Church of the Living Word (The Walk).  After having left he described the group as " a pseudo-Christian cult that prayed for the deaths of Jimmy Carter and David Rockefeller and even thought its prayers had caused Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in 1968".  He is now an evangelical Christian.

Family man

On Christmas Eve 1971 Cox disappeared with his daughter Kyoko, when she was eight years old.  The pair disappeared and Yoko did not have any further contact with her daughter until 1998.

Partners of 
Anthony Cox

Melinda Cox


1969 (aft.)

Yoko Ono


1 child together

married about 1962
divorce 1969

Anthony Cox Children

Kyoko Cox

born 1963, age 53
with Yoko Ono

Anthony Cox Partner(s) Other Children


Anthony Cox Family

Anthony Cox's children:

Anthony Cox's daughter is Kyoko Cox

Anthony Cox's current partners:

Anthony Cox's wife is Melinda Cox

Anthony Cox's former partners:

Anthony Cox's former wife is Yoko Ono

Anthony Cox's former in laws:

Anthony Cox's former father in law is Eisuke Ono Anthony Cox's former mother in law is Isoko Ono