Stuart Sutcliffe Bio Details

Full name

Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe

Also known as

Stuart de Staël





Date of birth

23 Jun 1940

Birth place

Edinburgh, Scotland

Date of death:

10 Apr 1962

Place of death

Hamburg, West Germany

Cause of death

ruptured aneurysm


Artist (Finished 1962 (bef.))

Bassist (1959 - 1962)


Prescot Grammar School, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom

Liverpool College of Art, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

What's in a name?

While touring Scotland, the band - at that time called the Silver Beetles - assumed stage names.  Sutcliffe chose Stuart de Staël, after the artist Nicolas de Staël who's style had influenced his art.

Famous faces

Sutcliffe's face is on the famous "Sergeant Pepper" album cover, at John Lennon's insistence.  It can be found on the far left side.

Stuart Sutcliffe

The original bassist for The Beatles
Stuart Sutcliffe

Relationship History

Astrid Kirchherr


engaged Oct 1960

Stuart Sutcliffe Family

Stuart Sutcliffe's parents:

Stuart Sutcliffe's father was Charles Sutcliffe Stuart Sutcliffe's mother is Millie Sutcliffe

Stuart Sutcliffe's former partners:

Stuart Sutcliffe was the fiance of Astrid Kirchherr

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