Gordon Brown Bio Details

Full name

James Gordon Brown





Date of birth

20 Feb 1951

Birth place

Giffnock, Glasgow, Scotland, UK


MP Labour (1983 - 2008)

Chancellor Of The Exchequer UK (1997 - 2007)

British Prime Minster (2007 - 2010)


Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Kirkcaldy High School, Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom

Britain's longest-serving modern day Chancellor of the Exchequer, appointed in May 1997 serving through to June 2007 when he became Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown

British Prime Minister
27th June 2007 - 11th May 2010
Gordon Brown

Relationship History

Sarah Brown


3 children together

3 Aug 2000

Marion Caldwell


relationship began about 1981
until about 1992

Sheena McDonald


relationship began about 1975
until circa 1985

Princess Margarita of Romania


relationship began about 1969
until about 1975

Gordon Brown Children

Jennifer Brown


Jennifer Brown

with Sarah Brown

John Brown


John Brown

with Sarah Brown

James Brown


James Brown

with Sarah Brown

Gordon Brown Siblings

John Brown


Andrew Brown


Gordon Brown Family

Gordon Brown's parents:

Gordon Brown's father was John Brown Gordon Brown's mother was Bunty Brown

Gordon Brown's children:

Gordon Brown's daughter was Jennifer Brown Gordon Brown's son is John Brown Gordon Brown's son is James Brown

Gordon Brown's current partners:

Gordon Brown's wife is Sarah Brown

Gordon Brown's former partners:

Gordon Brown had a relationship with Princess Margarita of Romania Gordon Brown had a relationship with Marion Caldwell Gordon Brown had a relationship with Sheena McDonald

Gordon Brown's siblings:

Gordon Brown's brother is John Brown Gordon Brown's brother is Andrew Brown

Gordon Brown's grandparents:

Gordon Brown's grandfather is John Souter Gordon Brown's grandmother is Jessie Souter Gordon Brown's grandfather is Ebeneezer Brown Gordon Brown's grandmother is Rachel Brown

Gordon Brown's great grandparents:

Gordon Brown's great grandfather is John Souter Gordon Brown's great grandfather was James Mavor

Gordon Brown's step-grandparents:

Gordon Brown's step-grandfather is John Henderson Souter

Gordon Brown's in laws:

Gordon Brown's father in law is Iain Macaulay Gordon Brown's mother in law is Pauline Vaughan Gordon Brown's step-father in law is Professor Patrick Vaughan Gordon Brown's grandfather in law is H M Macaulay Gordon Brown's grandfather in law is Sir Edgar Vaughan CBE Gordon Brown's grandmother in law was Elsie Vaughan Gordon Brown's brother in law is Sean Macaulay Gordon Brown's brother in law is Magnus Macaulay

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