James Archer Bio Details

Full name

Hon. James Howard Archer





Date of birth

10 Jun 1974


Stockbroker (Finished 2001)



Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom (Finished 1992 (ca.))

Oxford University : Brasenose College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom (1992 (ca.))

Barred from working in in the City

In 2001, James Archer was barred from working in the London's financial centre having been found guilty of manipulating the stock market.

James Archer

Son of Jeffrey Archer
James Archer

Relationship History

Gwyneth Harrison


Aug 2013

Tara Bernerd


marriage 3 Jul 2005
divorce circa 2009

Talita De Brito E Cunha


relationship began circa 1999
until before 2003

James Archer Siblings

William Archer


James Archer Family

James Archer's parents:

James Archer's father is Jeffrey Archer James Archer's mother is Mary Archer

James Archer's current partners:

James Archer's wife is Gwyneth Harrison

James Archer's former partners:

James Archer's former wife is Tara Bernerd James Archer had a relationship with Talita De Brito E Cunha

James Archer's siblings:

James Archer's brother is William Archer

James Archer's grandparents:

James Archer's grandfather is Harold Weedon James Archer's grandfather is William Archer James Archer's grandmother is Lola Archer

James Archer's former in laws:

James Archer's former father in law is Elliot Bernerd James Archer's former mother in law is Susan Bernerd James Archer's former sister in law is Hayley Sieff