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Igor Putin
Partners of 
Igor Putin

Igor Putin

Igor Alexandrovich Putin




30 Mar 1953

Igor Putin Bio Details

Full name

Igor Alexandrovich Putin





Date of birth

30 Mar 1953

Birth place

Leningrad, Russia

Partners of 
Igor Putin



1 child together

Angela Putina

Close Friendship

Igor Putin Children

Igor Putin Partner(s) Other Children

Roman Putin

born 1978, age 39 (approx.)
with Unknown

Igor Putin Family

Igor Putin's parents:

Igor Putin's father is Aleksandr Putin

Igor Putin's children:

Igor Putin's son is Roman Putin

Igor Putin's current partners:

Igor Putin has a close friendship with Angela Putina

Igor Putin's grandparents:

Igor Putin's grandfather was Spiridon Putin

Igor Putin's uncles and aunts:

Igor Putin's uncle was Vladimir Putin

Igor Putin's cousins:

Igor Putin's cousin is Vladimir Putin Igor Putin's cousin was Oleg Putin Igor Putin's cousin was Viktor Putin

Igor Putin's first cousins once removed:

Igor Putin's first cousin once removed is Katerina Tikhonovna Igor Putin's first cousin once removed is Maria Putina