Relationship History

Dr Loyal Davis


1 child together

21 May 1929

Kenneth Robbins


1 child together

marriage 27 Jun 1916
divorce about 23 Feb 1928

Edith Davis Bio Details

Full name

Edith Davis

Maiden name

Edith Luckett

Also known as

Edith Robbins

Edith Luckett Davies





Date of birth

16 Jul 1888

Date of death:

27 Oct 1987

Cause of death




Edith Davis Award

Was awarded the Arizona Lifetime Achievement Award for her contribution to charity work with mental health.

Edith Davis Children

Nancy Reagan


Nancy Reagan

with Kenneth Robbins

First Lady of the United States 20th January 1981 - 20th January 1989

Nancy Reagan


Nancy Reagan

adopted with Dr Loyal Davis

First Lady of the United States 20th January 1981 - 20th January 1989

Richard Davis


Richard Davis

step-child with Dr Loyal Davis

Edith Davis Siblings

Virginia Galbraith


Edith Davis Family

Edith Davis's parents:

Edith Davis's father is Charles Luckett Edith Davis's mother is Sarah Luckett

Edith Davis's children:

Edith Davis's daughter was Nancy Reagan Edith Davis's adopted daughter was Nancy Reagan Edith Davis's step-son is Richard Davis

Edith Davis's current partners:

Edith Davis's husband was Dr Loyal Davis

Edith Davis's former partners:

Edith Davis's former husband was Kenneth Robbins

Edith Davis's siblings:

Edith Davis's sister was Virginia Galbraith

Edith Davis's nieces and nephews:

Edith Davis's niece is Charlotte Ramage

Edith Davis's grandchildren:

Edith Davis's granddaughter is Patti Davis Edith Davis's grandson is Ron Reagan

Edith Davis's in laws:

Edith Davis's son in law was President Ronald Reagan

Edith Davis's former in laws:

Edith Davis's former father in law was John Robbins Edith Davis's former mother in law was Anne Ayres Robbins Edith Davis's former grandfather in law is Captain Frederick Francis Edith Davis's former grandmother in law is Elizabeth Francis