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Marilyn Manson
Partners of 
Marilyn Manson

American Heavy Metal Icon
Marilyn Manson

Brian Hugh Warner


48 (approx.)


Wednesday 01 Jan 1969

Marilyn Manson
Bio Details

Full name

Brian Hugh Warner




48 (approx.)

Date of birth

Wednesday 01 Jan 1969

Birth place

Ohio, USA




Actor (1997)


Heritage Christian School, Ohio, Afghanistan

Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Every member of the band 'Marilyn Manson Band' created a stage name based on an iconic female sex symbol and a serial killer.  Marilyn Manson is a blend of Marilyn Monroe and the serial killer Charles Manson.
Made his acting debut in David Lynch's move Lost Highway in 1997.
Marilyn's band was originally called Marilyn Manson & the Spooky Kids. "Spooky Kids" was cut in 1992 and band continued as Marilyn Manson.
Collects vintage metal lunch boxes and has a museum of prosthetics and fake body parts.

Partners of 
Marilyn Manson

Evan Rachel Wood

Broken Engagement

engaged from Jan 2010
until Aug 2010

Lindsay Usich


relationship began 2010
until 2015

Esme Bianco


dated from about 2010

Dita von Teese


married 28 Nov 2005
divorce 29 Dec 2006

Rose McGowan

Broken Engagement

engaged from Feb 1999
until Jan 2001

Jenna Jameson


dated from Mar 1997
until circa May 1997


Marilyn Manson Family

Marilyn Manson's parents:

Marilyn Manson's father is Hugh Warner Marilyn Manson's mother was Barbara Warner

Marilyn Manson's former partners:

Marilyn Manson is the former fiance of Evan Rachel Wood Marilyn Manson dated Esme Bianco Marilyn Manson's former wife is Dita von Teese Marilyn Manson is the former fiance of Rose McGowan Marilyn Manson dated Jenna Jameson Marilyn Manson had a relationship with Lindsay Usich

Marilyn Manson's former in laws:

Marilyn Manson's former father in law is Ken Sweet Marilyn Manson's former mother in law is Bonnie Lindsey Marilyn Manson's former sister in law is Jennifer Sweet Marilyn Manson's former sister in law is Sarah Sweet

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Marilyn Manson


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