Andy Mill Bio Details

Full name

Andy Ray Mill





Date of birth

11 Feb 1953

Birth place

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


TV Presenter


Skier (1974 - 1981)

Sports Commentator (1981 (aft.))

A broken man

During his skiing career, Mill suffered a broken neck, broken back, two broken legs and a broken arm, not to mention having 9 separate knee surgeries.  After damaging his ankle during the warm up before the men's downhill at Innsbruck in 1976, he packed his boot with snow in order to numb the injury so that he could still ski.

Mill continues to excel!

After retiring from skiing, Mill took up Tarpon fishing, and has become what Tom Pero, publisher of Fish & Fly Magazine, called "the greatest living tarpon fisherman on the planet".  During nine years of competitive fishing, Mill has won more tarpon tournaments than anyone else in the world.

Relationship History

Debra Harvick


engaged about 2009

Chris Evert


3 children together

marriage 1988
divorce 2006

Robin Mill


divorce 1987

Andy Mill Children

Nicholas Mill


Nicholas Mill

with Chris Evert

Alexander Mill


Alexander Mill

with Chris Evert

Colton Mill


Colton Mill

with Chris Evert

Andy Mill Family

Andy Mill's children:

Andy Mill's son is Nicholas Mill Andy Mill's son is Alexander Mill Andy Mill's son is Colton Mill

Andy Mill's current partners:

Andy Mill is the fiance of Debra Harvick

Andy Mill's former partners:

Andy Mill's former wife is Chris Evert Andy Mill's former wife is Robin Mill