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Ken Thorpe
Partner of 
Ken Thorpe

Ken Thorpe

Ken Thorpe


68 (approx.)


Saturday 01 Jan 1949

Ken Thorpe
Bio Details

Full name

Ken Thorpe




68 (approx.)

Date of birth

Saturday 01 Jan 1949


Council Worker


Professional Cricketer

Ken Thorpe Siblings

Cheryl Thorpe


Partners of 
Ken Thorpe

Margaret Thorpe


2 children together

Jan 1978

Ken Thorpe Children

Christina Williams

born 1979, age 38 (approx.)
with Margaret Thorpe

Ian Thorpe

born 1982, age 34
with Margaret Thorpe

5 Times Olympics Swimming Gold Medallist

Ken Thorpe Partner(s) Other Children


Ken Thorpe Family

Ken Thorpe's parents:

Ken Thorpe's father was Cec Thorpe Ken Thorpe's mother is Gwen Thorpe

Ken Thorpe's children:

Ken Thorpe's son is Ian Thorpe Ken Thorpe's daughter is Christina Williams

Ken Thorpe's current partners:

Ken Thorpe's wife is Margaret Thorpe

Ken Thorpe's siblings:

Ken Thorpe's sister is Cheryl Thorpe

Ken Thorpe's in laws:

Ken Thorpe's father in law is Jim Hathaway Ken Thorpe's mother in law is Gertrude Hathaway Ken Thorpe's grandfather in law was Joseph Watt Ken Thorpe's grandmother in law was Margaret Watt Ken Thorpe's brother in law is Bruce Hathaway Ken Thorpe's son in law is David Williams